Next year I’m going to Marocco. I just want to enhance a few shortcomings I noticed with my bike in my last trip. I’m sure the bike can handle it without the upgrades, but it’s nice to hve a little more comfort on the longer jouneys. I especially wanted to improve my riders position. So I bought the following things:

  • Adjustable rear brake lever. This will bring the lever a little bit higher and hopefully this will make it easier to control the rear brake when standing up.rearbrake
  • Comfort seat (maybe I’ll post a comparisson later on)touratechseat
  • Headlight protectorheadlightprotection
  • Touratech suspension type “High End”, in the USA it’s called the “Expedition”. Hopefully this peace of equipement will eat up the dirt roads for breakfast.DSC_0039
  • folding gear lever, still waiting for this part, it’s in back order