Morocco … cruising through the desert with my bike … it’s like a dream come true. I’ve waited a long time for this trip. I never wanted to do this without a decent preparation, that’s why I did the Trans Pyrenees in 2013. Now, finally the time has come!
I leave on wednesday at 13pm together with Bart, Olivier, Gunther and Robbie. We meet at Olivier’s house, and after some waiting Olivier gets a call from Bart. He’s on the high way with a flat tire, so we head off to his location to help him fix the tire. Luckely we all have our equipment with us to fix a tire and after 30 minutes we’re all on the road on our way to France. We need to be in Séte (France) on Friday at 6pm.  On our way to Séte we planned a nice road trip and we visit some beautifull places in France.

We meet the others in Séte at 6pm before shipping the bikes into the boat. There’re a lot of nervous, happy, laughing faces and we’re all thrilling to step on that boat … it’s the beginning of a big adventure after all!
After 35 boring hours we fiiiiiinally set our feet/tires on Moroccan soil. After a decent breakfast we put our bikes in a collision course with the first offroad tracks. Some of our group took these words a little bit to literally and crash his left pannier into a rock, he loses control of the bike and hits the ground. Luckely nobody gets hurt, but the pannier is heavily damaged. Before heading into the desert we fuel up our bikes and get the heavily damaged pannier fixed in the local workshop.