What do you really need to go on a off road camping trip? Well in my opinion the only thing you need on your bike is:

  • skid plate
  • crash bars
  • set of panniers

All the rest is purely optional. Do you really need those extra pair of HID lights, pivot pegz, akrapovic exhaust, …. Definitely not!

When it comes for carrying your luggage, just buy yourself a good set of panniers that open from the top not from the side and you’re good to go. A roll bag can come in handy to put your tent in. Also a good waterproof tank bag can make your life easier, I use it to put in the things I need most, like a camera and my USB charger for my mobile phone. On my 2 week camping trip I’ll use:

  • 31l touratech pannier
  • 38l touratech pannier
  • tank bag from Wunderlich
  • Ortlieb dry bag (Large)

When going off road it can be a good idea to change your tires, but a lot depends on your riding skills and the terrain.