20/05: At 9am we gathered at Motocare to start our trip. There’re 15 motorcycles in total. Today we traveled 580km to Würzburg (Germany). On our way to Würzburg we passed through the Eifel National Park which is very beautifull with excellent roads.

21/05: The plan today is to drive from Würzburg to Mühldorf with a quick stop in München to visit the BMW museum.

22/05: The KTM factory visit was really nice. In the morning we were invited at a small reception at KTM headquarters in Mattighofen (Austria) and there was also a presentation of the history of the brand. After the presentation they guided us through the factory. Before heading to our next destination we got some hot snacks.
At noon we head off, back to Würzburg.

23/05: Today we head back home, but first we have to conquer another 580km on the road. This time we ride through the northern part of the Eifel National Park, those Germans surely know how to make beautifull roads ;-).

Below you can find the photos I made during my trip. Like I always say, 1 photo explains more then a thousand words. Enjoy!

I also want to thank Bart and Maja from Endurofun for making this trip awesome ;-). Be sure to check out their website.