We already planned this trip back in october 2011. I’ve never ridden my bike outside of Belgium. I’ve been to so many incredible places and every single time I felt sorry I didn’t have my bike with me. So finally the time was there. I also was a bit scared because I’m still recovering of my broken foot/ankle but that turned out pretty good.

The plan was to place both bikes on the trailer behind my buddy’s old Range Rover. But on our way to Calpé the car broke down. It all happened 54km across the Spanish border. I was driving at the moment something punctured a hose of the radiator with a large cloud of steam as a result.  It was 22:00 in the evening, it was already dark as hell. Damnit that’s a good start to begin a holiday, pfffffff. I called Europ Assistance for a tow truck and 2 hours later they found us :(. There was no chance to fix the damn thing on the road so they pulled us 50km back to a garage near the Spanish border, we arrive there around 1:00 on a sunday morning. Luckely the garage opens on a sunday at 9:00, time to get some sleep until the garage opens it’s doors. At 12:00 they find a replacement and of we go …

I think everybody that has ever been in Calpé knows this rock.

We rented a small residence in Calpé called Casa Almendra which turned out to be a perfect location to start our daily motorcycle trips into the mountains. And after a hot day or after every ride we could cool off in the swimming pool ;-). What do you need more?

Just relaxing in the pool after a hard day of riding.

After 10 minutes of riding from our residence we are already exploring the beautifull mountains between Calpé and Alcoi.

This truly is motorcycle heaven. Very good roads and no police!

This place is like heaven, no traffic, no police 🙂 and the most beautifull roads to ride on but it was sooooo hot every day, mostly around 30°C. I always wear my suit, always! When you’re riding, it’s ok, but when you stop for 10 minutes I start sweating like a racehorse.

Look what I found. Looks like the head of a dog?

I’ve also did some mild offroad riding which was really cool to do with the F800GS. I think I’ll bring my KTM next time, because there are soooo many dirt roads here. Here in Belgium we can only dream of this kind of roads.

Don’t forget to turn off your ABS when your going downhill! (I forgot)

In the video below you can see me riding on a mountain pass that leads to the water reservoir of Guadalest. Don’t let the video fool you, the first and the last part of the pass are pretty steep!

[vsw id=”ZgnDuqK5FkY” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Here’s another video of me just having a good time riding through the mountains.

[vsw id=”bqBkFpexARQ” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Haha, I just knew I couldn’t hold the bike in that tight turn. I’m still recovering from 5 fractures in my foot. Oh well, lesson learned I guess.
And damn, It was so hot today, I picked the bike up and I was already sweating like a racehorse. It was around 30°C today.
I really need to bring my KTM enduro to Spain someday … :-).

[vsw id=”HnmBZmpMrI4″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

We also made some new friends back in Calpe, the owners Karin and Michel are so nice people, maybe you might take a look at their website. Thank you guys for a great place to stay.