My rear suspension (BMW F800GS) took a beating on my last off road trip to the Pyrenees. The surface of the piston rod is scratched and starting to rust. I guess that after some time it will start to leak oil. You can see it here in the picture below:


I don’t know if this can be repaired or the piston rod can be replaced. Maybe it’s just time to upgrade my rear suspension to something beafier, something more suited for bumpy terrain. The stock suspension does bottom out quite a lot when riding off road with 25kg of luggage.

The new Touratech suspensions looks very attractive to me. Why? Because they are made by Tractive Suspension, and I know that Tractive delivers quality of the highest level. The company is located in The Netherlands. Tractive Suspension started 1st of June 2010 after the production and R&D departments of WP Suspension moved to Austria. The core development and engineering team took this chance to start Tractive Suspension.

I’m looking into this baby:


Touratech Suspension “Extreme”

This piece of equipment is one of the best suspensions available on this planet for adventure riding. I’m also going off road riding in Marocco in May 2014, so I really want a decent suspension that does the job. I’m going to try to do the installation myself, it doens’t seem to difficult to replace the rear suspension.