Early in the morning at the BIG4 caravan park in Townsville our neighbours leave to get some coffee. Daphne went to the toilets to brush her teeth. I was packing some stuff on our ute because we were getting ready to move on to Cairns. I hear some noise behind my back, sounded like something electrical. I didn’t really pay attention until 5 seconds later I hear a women yelling “FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!”. The swag (tent) behind me, a few meters away caught fire. I immediatly run to help. The swag stood right next to a fence and a campervan. I tried to pull the tent away from the vehicle and the fence, I pulled so hard that the strap broke off and I fell straight on my ass. I got back up and managed to get it far enough from everything to not cause any more damage 👍. A few seconds later somebody arrives with a fire extinguisher and the fire was gone. Management called the fire department just to be sure, they arrived a little while later. Nobody got hurt, that’s the most important thing. Our neighbours arrived 10min later, they were in a little shock.