We left our big backpacks behind to travel through the Avatar Mountains. Woooow, from the moment we arrive in the national park, just wooooow ??. Stunningly beautifull. Ever wanted to go to the Hallelujah Mountains in the movie Avatar, well … this is it. James Cameron actually got his inspiration from this national park.

The first day was hard. I can’t remember how many steps we’ve done and the kilometers we’ve walked, but it was totally worth it. The views were spectacular ?.

In the afternoon we went looking for the hostel described in the lonely planet. After risking our lives on the road for half a hour we arrive at what should be the hostel. The place is abandoned, damnit. Mmmm, now what, there’s a small village in the middle of the park. We decide to look over there, that’s our best chance to find a sleeping place. First we have to walk another half an hour on that dangerous road to the next bus stop, off we go. The bus stops 1,5km from the village, it’s getting late. When we arrive in the village we finally find a sleeping place for 100 yuan, that’s pretty ok we tought. We asked food and she prepared an omelet with rice and vegetables but for the food we forgot to ask a price. She showed us the bill of the food afterwards, it’s 122 yuan. That’s completely crazy ?. We told her that, and laught with her. We will always pay for a correct price with a smiling face but this was just a scam. Not wanting any troubles we give her 120 yuan and be done with it.

In the late evening we went for a walk to see the sunset in the Avatar Mountains ?. All the chinese are already gone, it looks like we’re all alone ?. Woooow, we stay here for a while to enjoy the sunset together and take some pictures.

We arrive at our room in pitch black. Here we find out that the beds have no matras, just a wooden plank. The sheets are also a bit moisty because of the humidity. The toilet door doesn’t stay closed ?, I tie my shoe at the door to keep it shut, just so the rats can’t enter our room from the toilet ?.

On the second day we leave this horrible place early in the morning at 5h30 to watch the sunrise. Sunset and sunrise are the best times of the day to walk around and enjoy the silence. There’s also a little surprise waiting for us ?. Walking still by ourselves on the trails I hear a noise in the bushes but I don’t see anything. Then Daphne suddenly grabs my arm “look! … looook! … oh my god … a tiger … a tiger”. I tought she was messing with me, there’re no tigers here my love, nice try ?. But there was indeed a big cat, about the hight of my knee with stripes. It was only 15-20m away from us. It appears to be a very rarely seen Clouded Leopard. The Leopard looked one time at Daphne and disappeared very silently into the wild.

The rest of the day we walked some more trails in the mountains each with their own spectaculare views. At the end of these 2 days we were completely broken and exhausted but it was totally worth it ??.