We’re staying a few days with Cheryl and Paul again while we are selling our stuff. As a thank you we took them out to do an Escape Room. The escape room was called “Outback Hell”. They put you in a room and you have to solve puzzels to get out, it was very cool 😁. Only Daphne did an Escape Room once, but I, cheryl and Paul never did. The story with this one is that you stop your car in the middle of the outback to help an old lady. She has a flat tire. After you fixed the flat tire she invites you for thee at her house. Then you wake up in a small room … 😖😨

After our adventure in the escape room we took them out for a nice dinner in the “Three bar & grill”.

We can’t thank you enough Cheryl and Paul for all the things you have done for us. You are forever in our hearts.