We sold everything …

Getting to the end of our stay in Australia we had to sell everything that we can't carry with us. The car, the bike, the camping gear, motorcycle gear, ... everything is sold. Most of the stuff went very quick, except for our car. We had to drop the price a lot to get rid [...]

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Fix the car before we sell it …

Well, after our almost 4 months road trip the car needs some repairs. It has been through some really harsh conditions. We've put around 20.000 km on the counter in these 4 months, at least half of it were gravel roads. The heater blower fan makes a really loud rattling noise so we need to [...]

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Ready to roll …

The car is ready, the bike is ready, the gear is ready, WE ARE READY! 😁😎 We got everything ready in about 10 days, but we couldn't have done this without Cheryl and Paul. They drove us around looking for cars and camping gear. They helped a lot giving us advice and getting everything ready. [...]

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Enduro bike shopping

After we bought our car we went looking for an enduro bike. I did some research before coming to Australia. My choice fell on a WR450F Yamaha. It's a good bike, the price is ok and they are easy to find in Australia. I found a good one for 5500$ about one hour driving from [...]

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Swimming in winter 😂

While waiting for the car I went swimming in a Lake next to the sea. The lake and the sea is connected. It's winter over here in Australia and the water was pretty chilly 😨, hahaha 😁. Afterwards they told me it's possible there are Bull sharks around, they are small but can be very [...]

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No worries mate …

The 1st of June, we arrive in Australia. Woooow, finally!! We are so happy to be here. Paul and Cheryl, friends of Daphne welcome us at the airport of Brisbane. The next few days we will stay at their home in Wurtulla at the Sunshine Coast. They are super nice people 😁. They show us [...]

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