Small update: front fuel pump and finishing some details

Small update: We're still waiting for the front fuel pump and windshield. Meanwhile we can finish some other pieces that have to be done. I replaced the OEM KTM footpegs with the rally ones. They are a little bit longer and wider. I installed the mounts on the bashplate, so it's [...]

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I’ve done some electrical work today

Today I've fixed a power supply on the navigation tower for the GPS and for future accesories. I've used a small fusebox on the right side, clean and easy. Above the fusebox I've also put a mass ground that goes directly to the chassis of the bike. I've also relocated the voltage regulator to [...]

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Lower radiator mounts

I still had to mount the lower radiator mounts. I was waiting on the M8 taps I ordered, the normal hole is an M6. Sooo, I have to drill it out with a 6,8mm drill. Then I use the taps in 3 stages. Tip: Use some oil while tapping the new thread [...]

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2 weeks of camping, what to take with me? *2*

I'm getting all my stuff together. Let's make a list of all the things I'll bring on my 2 week camping trip. This list is going to grow in the next few days because I don't have everything ready yet ;-). Tank bag: small notebook + pen or pencil map of France and Pyrenees (always [...]

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