The end of the line, Shanghai!

We arrived in Shanghai, the last part of our journey through China. We didn't do to much sightseeing in Shanghai. I gues we both were a little bit sick of China 😂. We did met up with Florian for having a drink in one of those exclusive bars on top of a building. We met [...]

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The countryside in Wujuan

In Wujuan we rented some mountain bikes to discover the countryside. Wooow, this was just really beautifull 😎. Only the first part was a little bit tricky to get out of the city without being used to China's traffic 😨. Travelling through those villages was really peacefull and calm. At the end of the day [...]

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Rejected in Nanchang

From Zhangjiajie City the plan was to go to Wujuan and discover the countryside of China. But first we had to move again by train. We had to travel to Nanchang first, sleep there and then take the train to Wujuan. We got rejected a few times again because they wouldn't allow foreigners in the [...]

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The Avatar Mountains

We left our big backpacks behind to travel through the Avatar Mountains. Woooow, from the moment we arrive in the national park, just wooooow ??. Stunningly beautifull. Ever wanted to go to the Hallelujah Mountains in the movie Avatar, well ... this is it. James Cameron actually got his inspiration from this national park. The [...]

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Zhangjiajie City ?

The 22th of May we arrive in Zhangjiajie City, here we'll stay for only 1 night. Tomorrow we'll leave our big backpacks at the hostel to stay the night in the Avatar Mountains ⛰⛰⛰. Where we'll sleep we've no idea ?. Hahaha, the room in our hostel is the biggest room ever, it's almost an [...]

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From Le Shan to Zhangjiajie

The trip from our Grand Buddha to the Avatar Mountains took forever. First we had to get back to Chengdu by bus. That took us 2 hours. After that we moved to Wuhan by train for 14 hours. In Wuhan we had to wait about 8 hours or something for our transfer to Zhangjiajie. Eventually [...]

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Panda here, panda there, panda’s everywhere ???

After Xi'an we move to Chengdu at 240km/h with the high speed train, to look at the panda's ?, woohoo. The morning after our arrival we went to the "Giant Panda Breeding Research Base". These animals are amazing, so beautifull to watch. Our hostels name is Miss Panda ?. About that last picture, I could't [...]

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Fun in Xi’an and the not so impressive army ?

After our arrival by train in the afternoon we go to our hostel and make plans for tomorrow. The day after we get up and make our way to the city wall of Xi'an where you can make a bicycle ride on top of the wall. The length of the wall is 14km! This is [...]

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