The end of our journey through Australia 😢

Our last day in Australia is here, sadly enough. I really liked it here. We'll definitely come back someday to explore more of it. Our journey in Australia has ended and now our journey in Indonesia begins ... Some memorable moments:

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We sold everything …

Getting to the end of our stay in Australia we had to sell everything that we can't carry with us. The car, the bike, the camping gear, motorcycle gear, ... everything is sold. Most of the stuff went very quick, except for our car. We had to drop the price a lot to get rid [...]

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Fix the car before we sell it …

Well, after our almost 4 months road trip the car needs some repairs. It has been through some really harsh conditions. We've put around 20.000 km on the counter in these 4 months, at least half of it were gravel roads. The heater blower fan makes a really loud rattling noise so we need to [...]

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Visiting friends in Mackay

We made a stop in Mackay to visit Sis, a very good friend of Daphne. She showed us around. We walked on the beach and had some of the best pies in the neighbourhood 😋. After that we did a nice hike to some falls, can't remember the name, but it was really beautifull. We [...]

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Magnetic Island

We saw a lot of smoke and fires in past few weeks because of planned burns, not very pleasant to sleep in. We were laughing and joking about imagine Magnetic Island in the smoke when we get there. Well ... when we got to Townsville, that's were you have to take the ferry to Magnetic [...]

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Where are the Cassowary? (part 2)

A few days ago on our way to Port Douglas we went looking for Cassowary in Etty Bay but didn't find any. We went back on our way back down 😅. This time they were there, we saw a female and a male. Offcourse, the males are the most beautifull ones with all the colors [...]

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Diving and snorkeling in The Great Barrier

Yesterday we arrived in Port Douglas and today we went snorkeling in the Great Barrier reef 😎. The boat was called "Silversonic". In the morning a big bus picked us up and dropped us off at the harbor. It took us 1,5 hours with the boat to get to the first site of three. At [...]

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Where are the Cassowary 🤔?

On our way to Port Douglas now. We went passed the area around Mission Beach to look for Cassowaries. People told us to look for them at Etty Bay, we went there but didn't found any 😞. They say there are only a thousand left, so you have to be really lucky to catch a [...]

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