The Simpson Desert: Day 5 (23 juli 2019)

With only 80km to do today we take our time to take some pictures today. The track gets really flat the closer we get to Dalhousie Springs, but the road is full of really bad corragations. We have to drive really slow at some parts, like 10-20km/h to not get shaken apart 😂. 30km before [...]

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The Simpson Desert: Day 4 (22 juli 2019)

We get up at 6.30 am and have an oat breakfast. We pack up our stuff and leave as fast as we can. We start driving at 8.30 am. The track gets more difficult from the beginning we leave. The sand dunes are getting higher and steeper again 😥. Woow, this must be the hardest [...]

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The Simpson Desert: Day 3 (21 juli 2019)

We got up 1 hour earlier then the day before, at 6.30 am. We start driving around 8.30 am. It goes really good and we also take some time to take some nice pictures. Then at 10.45am some cars are going in the other direction, they noticed that our flag is missing, fuuuck ... 😲, [...]

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The Simpson Desert: Day 2 (20 juli 2019)

We get up at 7.30 am and have a good breakfast because it's going to be a long day. We start riding at 9.30 am. We now officially enter the Munga-Thirri Simpson Desert park. The first dunes we did today were really hard. Long steep dunes, our car has to work really hard for this. [...]

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The Simpson Desert: Day 1 (19 juli 2019) 🤤😥😅

For a long time I'm dreaming of crossing the Simpson Desert. Now I'm here to do it together with my love. I crossed some deserts before, like the sahara desert in Morocco, but never something like the Simpson Desert. The Simpson really is the next level. We travel from east to west, that's from Birdsville [...]

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Small update: front fuel pump and finishing some details

Small update: We're still waiting for the front fuel pump and windshield. Meanwhile we can finish some other pieces that have to be done. I replaced the OEM KTM footpegs with the rally ones. They are a little bit longer and wider. I installed the mounts on the bashplate, so it's [...]

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I’ve done some electrical work today

Today I've fixed a power supply on the navigation tower for the GPS and for future accesories. I've used a small fusebox on the right side, clean and easy. Above the fusebox I've also put a mass ground that goes directly to the chassis of the bike. I've also relocated the voltage regulator to [...]

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Lower radiator mounts

I still had to mount the lower radiator mounts. I was waiting on the M8 taps I ordered, the normal hole is an M6. Sooo, I have to drill it out with a 6,8mm drill. Then I use the taps in 3 stages. Tip: Use some oil while tapping the new thread [...]

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