Hey guys, today we replaced the OEM radiator hoses with aftermarket ones from SAMCO. First I drained the radiator fluid out of the radiator the best I could. Then I removed the lower radiator mounts to get better acces. After that I disconnected the hoses first on the radiator side and placed a bucket under it to catch the remaining fluid. I removed the upper radiator mounts and took the radiator of, don’t forget to unplug the electric fan connector. Now I have full acces and I disconnected the hoses on the engine side and took them off.

I cleaned up the radiator a little bit and replaced the thermostat. The new thermostat will switch the fan on at 85°C, the OEM fan will switch on at 105°C. The engine will run a little cooler this way.

The silicon SAMCO hoses look really could and the material is high end. The installation is really easy, they just slide on with a little push. I first installed both hoses on the engine side. Then I installed the radiator with the lowered upper brackets that come with the kit690. Now install the hoses on the radiator side. I wait with the installation of the lower brackets, it gives me some room the install the exhaust header next.