Wednesday the 12th we are leaving the Sunshine Coast and move on to Birdsville where we hopefully can stay for a few weeks. Daphne worked there on a station, called Adria Downs , for 2 years in total. The people she worked with are like family to her. I’m also very curious to meet them 😃.

The road to Birdsville is long and you have to be carefull when entering the outback. After 6 hours of driving we stop in Roma where we are invited by Jody to stay for the night, he’s a very good friend of Daphne. We had a very good time with Jody in one of the pubs in Roma. After that he cooked some real Australian steak for us, mmmmm 😋, soooo good.

After another day of driving, and most of it gravel road, we end up camping between Quilpie and Windora. We encountered a lot of roadkill along the road, mostly kangeroo’s, propably hit by cars or road trains.

The next day we continue our trip to Birdsville, the last 130km we take the bike of the ute. Just having a bit of fun with the bike 😉. As we arrive Daphne went looking for her friends, Birdsville is very small so it didn’t took long 😉. We stay the night at the rodeo grounds.