The front and rear Continental TKC80 are for my F800GS, I’m going to use them in the Pyrenees in August (mountain area on the border of Spain and France). The rear Heidenau K74 is to replace my worn out TKC80 on my KTM, the front doesn’t need replacement yet. I’m really curious about the performance of the K74, especially when it gets slippery.


From left to right: rear K74, rear TKC80, front TKC80

You can see that the K74 has a much more agressive design then the TKC80. I had some problems before with the TKC80 in the mud, so I hope this will be a slight improvement on traction. I also noticed that the K74 is much stiffer then the TKC80, so it’s going to be a real joy to mount that tire on my rims.


From left to right: rear K74, rear TKC80