We saw a lot of smoke and fires in past few weeks because of planned burns, not very pleasant to sleep in. We were laughing and joking about imagine Magnetic Island in the smoke when we get there. Well … when we got to Townsville, that’s were you have to take the ferry to Magnetic Island, you can also see it from here … it was full of smoke, it looked like the whole island was on fire. The tickets were already booked online, so there was no way back … 🤔. When we got there it was pretty alright because the wind was blowing in the right direction, away from were we where staying.

We did some really nice hikes on the island and we saw some ‘wild’ koalas 😉. We also went to Radical bay on the island for a swim. At appeared to be a nudist beach, we didn’t know 😂. Luckely it was a large bay and there were only 2 more people there … walking naked offcourse 😂.