After my trip to Morocco I decided to install a snorkel on my Jeep. The main reason for me to install a snorkel is not only water but also dust. I’ve looked at many different snorkel designs and decided that the snorkel from AEV would fit my Jeep best for my purposes. The snorkel is easy to install and it’s a one piece design so there’s little chance on leaks.

After 2 weeks in the desert without a snorkel:


There’s a lot of discussion on forums about the chinese copies, I also did some research around these. The fit of these isn’t always right, the plastic used for these snorkels is thinner and more brittle. My conclusion, go for the AEV one!

After the installation of your snorkel don’t forget to also raise your breather hose of the axles. I believe there’s also one on the transfer case and the automatic transmission. I still need to do that part. I still haven’t decided I would buy the pre-filter from aev.

Here are some pictures of my installation: