Our flight from Brisbane (Australia) to Jakarta (Indonesia) went pretty wel. Except for the fact I got an unpleasant welcoming gift … my backpack was damaged in 2 places … fuck 😝. I used my tear-aid kit to repair the damage, it’s some heavy duty gel/glue/tape to repair boat sails, tents, rubber boats, … with. Ooohh well, it’s just a back pack right 😅.

We visited some places in Jakarta, like the National Monument in the center of Jakarta. Also we went to Kota old town and the old harbor. Walking around in Jakarta is sooooooooo dangerous, cars and mopets everywhere and from all directions. The best thing to do is to take a taxi to your destination, the taxi’s are very cheap.

I find Jakarta not that special but I’m sure Indonesia has much more beautifull places to offer then Jakarta 😉, we’ll see …

Tomorrow we move to Bandung with the train.