Our next stop is Pangandaran. We stayed there at the Java Lagoon hotel, it’s a few km’s outside of Pangandaran. We rented their little scooter for less then 5 euro/day 😁. We explored some really nice villages in the area, Jojogan, Cituman, Batu Karas, …

We went body rafting in Green Valley (Cituman). It was not that spectacular but it was really fun 😁! The valley itself was also veeeeery beautifull.

One of the most cool and beautifull things we saw was a cave in Jojogan. We were there all alone and were not very sure if we should enter or not. The cave was huge and you needed to swim into it. The ceiling of the cave was covered with bats 😨😂, it was so cool. We swam to the point we couldn’t get any further, about 100m into the cave, to bad we didn’t have any pics from in the cave because we couldn’t take the camera with us in the water. Hahaha, when we were putting our clothes back on, a snake crawled right next to Daphne’s feet 😨😨.

In the pictures you can also see some abandoned primitive tourist attractions. Offcourse we tried some of them 😁😉.