Preparations of our world trip.

They pulled out my wisdom and some final preparations

The 11th of March I've had my wisdom teeth pulled out in the clinic. It had to happen because there was a cyste forming on one my wisdom tooth. They decided to pull all of my wisdom teeth in the process, so I don't have to worry for the rest of my life. [...]

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Jeeeej Christmas presents !!

We found some nice Christmas presents under the tree ;-), there were a lot more but these propably will come with us on our trip :D. Really like the LED lights, I always bring them on my journeys, even when staying in a hotel room I bring mine with me :D. We also got [...]

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Some changes to our route

We changed our route a little bit. First of all we'll skip Cambodja and Vietnam and we'll stay for a longer time in China and Indonesia. We'll probably do some charity work in Indonesia. We also want to backpack from Peru to Costa Rica so we added Colombia and Panama to the party. After [...]

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