Time to relax on Gili Meno 😎

After all our adventures we wanted a little bit of time to chill and relax. Travelling and moving around from one point to another is really exhausting 😥. We are now on Gili Meno and this place is to good to be true. We drink some coconut juice, do some snorkelling, eat a little bit, [...]

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Canyoning in Bali 😨😁

Daphne never did canyoning before and I did it once in Slovenia. Hahaha, we both were a little bit exited. It was 179 euro/person with Adventure Spirit Canyoning Tours, so it was veeeery expensive. We both had an awesome time and the crew really knew what they were doing. Buuuuuut, price versus quality it's overpriced, [...]

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Bali, here we come 🎉🎉🎉

Ijen was really nice, now we moved to Bali. We chose to go to Ubud, it's a bit more quite here, it's not really the party center of Bali. We visited the Sacred Monkey Forest which is as you can gues full of monkeys ... We also went to a really nice show/theatre in one [...]

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Bromo done … up to the blue flames of Ijen 🌋

We moved to Banyuwangi. From here we'll visit our next volcano: Ijen. After Ijen we'll take the ferry from here to go to Ubud in Bali, looking forward to that 😁😎. Ijen is an active volcano. It's the blue flames that you can see in the dark that makes it so special. The locals also [...]

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In the ashes of a volcano ⛰

We arrive at noon in Cemoro Lawang, a village next to the Bromo volcano. We stay at Deddy Homestay. We drop off our bags and look for something to eat. After our Nasi Goreng with egg 😋 we move on for a walk to the top of the Bromo volcano, it's only a 1,5 hour [...]

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We went to Borobudur to visit the temple. We did the Borobudur temple at sunset which was a veeeery nice spectacle 😎. During the day we also did a tour on scooters with our homestay host. We visited some villages, a tofu factory, pot bakery and a place where they create batik materials like sarongs. [...]

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Is this paradise? 😎

Our next stop is Pangandaran. We stayed there at the Java Lagoon hotel, it's a few km's outside of Pangandaran. We rented their little scooter for less then 5 euro/day 😁. We explored some really nice villages in the area, Jojogan, Cituman, Batu Karas, ... We went body rafting in Green Valley (Cituman). It was [...]

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