Magnetic Island

We saw a lot of smoke and fires in past few weeks because of planned burns, not very pleasant to sleep in. We were laughing and joking about imagine Magnetic Island in the smoke when we get there. Well ... when we got to Townsville, that's were you have to take the ferry to Magnetic [...]

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Then suddenly … somewhere in the tropics … disaster strikes! 😰

Early in the morning at the BIG4 caravan park in Townsville our neighbours leave to get some coffee. Daphne went to the toilets to brush her teeth. I was packing some stuff on our ute because we were getting ready to move on to Cairns. I hear some noise behind my back, sounded like something [...]

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Townsville and some car maintenance …

After a long and somehow boring ride from West to East we arrived in Townsville. We had a lot of stuff to do here. We needed to wash the car and the bike to put them online for sale, because we'll leave the country in a month. We also needed to find a garage that [...]

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