The Simpson Desert: Day 6 (24 juli 2019)

We start the day with a dive in the hot spring around 7.00 am, OMG, this is better then a 'wellness' 😂. There are also these small fish in the water that eat your dead skin 😅. After that we have a nice breakfast and we move on to Mt. Dare, were we can fuel [...]

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Jeep JK aluminum hood catch installation

I received a new black aluminum hood catch kit from Rugged Ridge. My original ones are slightly turning grey because of the sun, and they are only 2 years old. The kit is very easy to do by yourself and the instruction manual is pretty straight forward. I'll give you some tips that don't come [...]

Looking one year back …

25th of May 2012 I was returning home from work. I crashed my bike while crossing some train tracks that run across the road. The road is normal asphalt and between the train tracks the road is heavely damaged. The difference in height between the damaged road and the tracks is 2-3 inches. It's in [...]

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