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You want pure adventure, check out Endurofun!!

Well, if you have never heard of them I guess you are pretty new to adventure riding. They are a big name in the allroad/enduro adventure world in Belgium and The Netherlands. Endurofun organizes pure adventure motorcycle and enduro trips for every skill level to several countries all over Europe and Morocco. Personally I did [...]

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Who wants to go back to Morocco?

Me me me!!! Indeed, you heard it right. In October we go back to Morocco, with our 4x4's this time. The route we gonna follow is almost the same that we've done with our adventure bikes in may. It's the first time we do this with our 4x4's. Some passages will be more difficult then [...]

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Morocco … do I have everything I need?

My bike is ready. I changed my oil and oil filter, got a new air filter, new tires and checked my wheel bearings. A good tip that can save you a lot of trouble: put some fresh grease on your wheel bearings and axle before going on a long trip. If you get a flat [...]

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*VIDEO* Spain 2012: Another lesson Learned!

Haha, I just knew I couldn't hold the bike in that tight turn. I'm still recovering from 5 fractures in my foot. Oh well, lesson learned I guess. And damn, It was so hot today, I picked the bike up and I was already sweating like a racehorse. It was around 30°C that day. I [...]

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