KTM 1190 Adventure R, Cyclops LED kit

Hey guys, I installed a Cyclops LED kit on my KTM 1190. As I ride a lot of the time in the dark, it's a really nice upgrade. The kit itself is really easy to install (plug and play), the only annoying thing of the installation is that you have to remove all side covers [...]

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BMW F800GS HID kit install

I installed a HID kit on my F800GS. I bought the kit on Ebay for about 58€, shipping included. The installation itself worked out really well and isn't difficult. The only thing I was worried about was the CANBUS system, because with some HID kits it could give a broken bulb error, but everything seems [...]

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How I cleaned my headlight unit, on the inside!

Some time ago, a bulb exploded in hundreds of pieces inside of my headlight unit. The result was that the reflector and the glass was full of white dust/powder. The question is: How do you clean the damn thing on the inside??? First I disassembled my headlight unit and I took the bulbs out. Then [...]

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