All reports/changes about my Jeep JK!

Do I really need to follow a 4×4 training course??

Well, past Sunday I decided to follow a 4x4 training course. Why? Don't I have enough experience? The thing is that you're never to old to learn things and you can meet other people that share their experiences which can be a lot of fun. If you really want to master your riding skills a [...]

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Jeep JK “American Expedition Vehicle” snorkel

After my trip to Morocco I decided to install a snorkel on my Jeep. The main reason for me to install a snorkel is not only water but also dust. I've looked at many different snorkel designs and decided that the snorkel from AEV would fit my Jeep best for my purposes. The snorkel is [...]

Truck-Lite Phase 7 LED headlamps

I've installed a pair of Truck-Lite Phase 7 LED headlamps on my Jeep JK. The lights look really good and feel very robust. The installation itself really is a no-brainer. The Truck-Lite Phase 7 LED headlamps will also fit on the Land Rover defender. Also one of the differences between the US version (DOT approved) [...]

Who wants to go back to Morocco?

Me me me!!! Indeed, you heard it right. In October we go back to Morocco, with our 4x4's this time. The route we gonna follow is almost the same that we've done with our adventure bikes in may. It's the first time we do this with our 4x4's. Some passages will be more difficult then [...]

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Rubicon Express front brake line bracket relocation kit

After installing my Teraflex 2,5" lift kit I also needed to extend my front brake lines a little bit. Prying the brake line out of the OEM bracket located on the axle near the shock mounts is a real PITA. I opted for a brake line bracket relocation kit from Rubicon Express (RE). Just unscrew [...]

Jeep JK Teraflex 2,5″ spring lift with Fox 2.0 Evolution shocks

My Jeep was already lifted with a 1,5" leveling kit from teraflex. Now it's time to upgrade the springs and shocks. I decided to do it myself, oohhh dear ... And I must say it's really doable by yourself ... if you have proper floor jack and jack stands. For installing the kit I used [...]

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Jeep JK aluminum hood catch installation

I received a new black aluminum hood catch kit from Rugged Ridge. My original ones are slightly turning grey because of the sun, and they are only 2 years old. The kit is very easy to do by yourself and the instruction manual is pretty straight forward. I'll give you some tips that don't come [...]