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You want pure adventure, check out Endurofun!!

Well, if you have never heard of them I guess you are pretty new to adventure riding. They are a big name in the allroad/enduro adventure world in Belgium and The Netherlands. Endurofun organizes pure adventure motorcycle and enduro trips for every skill level to several countries all over Europe and Morocco. Personally I did [...]

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Endurofun spring event

March 23 The event started at 9am. The organization prepared us a really nice breakfast with cofee, orange juice and a big load of pastries :-). After a small briefing we hit the road. After riding for a few hours, around 12pm, we make our midday stop. The organization prepared sandwiches for us. After half [...]

Endurofun Spring Event

Waauuw, it was amazing today. Although it was a spring event we had some snow now and then, and it was sooooo cold. I'll make the ride report another day because I'm just so tired right now ;). The terrain difficulty was definitely not for beginners, but that makes it so much fun :). The [...]