We moved to Banyuwangi. From here we’ll visit our next volcano: Ijen. After Ijen we’ll take the ferry from here to go to Ubud in Bali, looking forward to that 😁😎.

Ijen is an active volcano. It’s the blue flames that you can see in the dark that makes it so special. The locals also mine the volcano for it’s sulfer that the volcano is spitting out, it’s really hard work. Every time they carry 60-80 kg in baskets on their back out of the volcano. Without a gasmask the smell is unbearable and the gasses also hurt your eyes 😢. A dangerous place but so beautiful. Note: We left our hotel at midnight 00:00 to see this fire. After a 1 hour drive and a 2 hour climb we got to the blue flames. You wanna see the blue flames of Ijen, be prepared to give up your sleep 😉😪.