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Labrang Monastary

The day after our arrival in the Tibettan city Xia Hé we bought a ticket to visit the Labrang Monastary. Our guide is a monk. He explains the meaning of some temples and statues. At 11.30 we can witness the monks praying. In the afternoon we walked the inner cora (3km) and the outer cora [...]

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From Dunhuang to Xia Hé

There is no train that goes straight from Dunhuang to Xia Hé. We have to travel first for 14 hours by train to Lanzhou and then for 3,5 hours from Lanzhou to Xia Hé by bus. We always take the night train because you will gain a lot of time and costs for a sleeping [...]

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Chicken legs, say whaaaaaat 😂😂?

Ok, in Dunhuang we went searching for diner on the first evening in one of the smaller locale food bars. Me and Daphne both chose something from the pictures on the wall. I tought I took some fried chicken or something similar. The picture was a little bit unclear. Daphne already knew what it was [...]

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Dunhuang and the Mogao Grottoes

Almost at noon we arrive by bus in Dunhuang. We walked to our hostel where we planned on staying. After a few kilometers walking with our heavy backpack we find the place. Shit, they are renovating 🤔. The men that are working there show us another hostel on the map. It's about 1km walking. Jeeej, [...]

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Urumqi and train to Dunhuang

We arrive in Urumqi in the late afternoon on the 8th of may. Our stay in Urumqi is very short. We're only passing through to get to Dunhuang. We make the most of our time by visiting a museum and one of the beautifull parks. In the museum there's a lot of information about The [...]

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Snack street in Beijing

We found a street with little shops that sell very special snacks. The street is located west of Wangfujing Dajie street, close to Wangfujing subway. You can find scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, insects and much more over here to eat 😁. Off course we had to try some of these 😂. We tried the scorpions, some [...]

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No Forbidden City for us …

We planned to do the Forbidden City, why?, because it is propably the most important historical place of Beijing. Unfortunately it was a special holiday weekend for the Chinese and all tickets were sold out. We also didn't know the Forbidden City is closed on monday and on tuesday we take the train to Urumqi. [...]

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