The day of the ride we get up early at 6am to go to the yard at the Birdsville rodeo grounds. We saddle up our horses a get ourselfs ready for a long day walking cattle. The ride ride will take a few days because of the distance. We almost ride from sunset till dawn with a few short breaks in the middle. My but is just a little bit sore on the second day but still ok 😆.

At the beginning of the 2nd day we noticed that the cattle broke out at the place where we left them for the night. With the help of a small airplane we found our cattle back, but we did lose a lot of time.

On the 3th day I ride my horse for a few hours and then I go back to get my bike because we need it the walk it over a few sand dunes. It’s easier to push the cattle forward with a bike then a horse. I never riden a dirt bike in the dunes before. I didn’t only have to go over the dunes but I also had to ride from side to side to make sure all cattle followed. It was very hard and exhausting but I had a lot of fun 😆😎.